League of Legends Guide

League of Legends is a team based game where you are a Summoner controlling a unique Champion in the Fields of Justice. The goal of the game is to take down enemy turrets along two/three lanes and ultimately destroy the enemy Nexus. Throughout this League of Legends Guide, you will find everything from general beginner information to specific strategies for use with many of the heroes.

If you are fairly new to the game, below you will find a list of all the important game concepts and terms that you will want to learn right away.

League of Legends has a very popular professional scene. Many people are striving to get better with hopes that one day their team can enter the pro circuit. If you want to get better at pro games of all sorts, then you should read the strategy and theory section of The Osiris Method. While this guide focuses on Starcraft 2, the theory and practice sections can be applied to all games. Just ignore the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg specific strategies and focus on the training theories and you will find there is a lot of carryover.

Champions – In League of Legends, you control solely one character throughout an entire game, leveling him/her up as you gain experience up Level 18. Each champion has four unique skills and a passive skill. The passive skill is always in effect and doesn’t require any mana to cast. The other skills usually require mana (except some champions that use Health or Energy) to cast and has a cooldown before being available to be used again. The fourth skill of each champion is their Ultimate (also referred to as ult or ulti), and can only be learned from Level 6.

– There are three lanes in the Summoner’s Rift map and two lanes in the Twisted Treeline map. Along these lanes are turrets that automatically attack enemies. These turrets are hard to take down and give global gold when destroyed. At the end of each lane is an inhibitor. Destroying the inhibitor allows you to spawn super minions. The mid lane is conventionally the solo lane where your team’s “carry” will go. The top and bottom lanes will usually have two champions each. If a champion is Jungling, the top lane also becomes a solo lane.

– Periodically, minions will automatically spawn from your Nexus and move along each lane until they engage enemies. At the start of the game, minions from both sides usually meet in the middle of each lane. In each minion wave there are 3 melee minions and 3 ranged minions. Every third wave spawns an additional siege minion that can take a lot of damage from turrets and deal decent damage as well. It’s your job to help destroy the minions and push towards the turret with your minions.

– You gain gold automatically every few seconds, but you gain additional gold for killing minions and enemy champions. So when you are fighting enemy minions, make sure to last hit the minions to earn gold. If you damage enemy minions, but don’t get the last hit on them, you won’t earn any gold. Earning gold by last hitting is also called “farming”.

Experience Points
– You don’t have to last hit minions or champions to earn experience points. Simply standing nearby is sufficient. If there are two allied champions in one lane, the experience points are divided. Hence, the champion in the solo lane will usually level up faster.

Neutral Monsters
– On both sides of the map are “jungles” where neutral monsters reside. These monsters don’t attack anyone unless attacked. Like regular minions, they yield gold and experience points. Some champions are good at defeating these neutral monsters from level 1. These champions are called “Junglers” and will start the game in the Jungle. This gives your team an extra advantage because you will have two solo lanes where two champions can level up faster.

Epic Monsters
– These monsters provide excellent temporarybuffs to your champions. For instance, the Lizard Epic Monsters gives you the “red buff” which increases your champion’s attack damage and grants a slowing effect. The Golem Epic Monster gives you the “blue buff” that increases mana regeneration and reduces cooldowns on your skills. The Dragon gives gold and experience points to all the champions on your team. The Baron Nashor gives global experience and a drastic buff to all stats.

– Different Items increase different statistics. Items can be bought with gold and only while at the Spawning Pool. Basic items are usually used to build more advanced items. Often times, items determine who will win a battle.

– Every time you die, you will have to wait before you automatically respawn again. The higher level you are and the longer the game has dragged on, the more time it will take for you to respawn.

– Each champion has the ability to teleport back to base. The action of “recalling” takes a few seconds and will cancel if you take any other action or get hit. So use it only when enemies are not nearby.

Summoner Spells
– Before each game, you can choose two Summoner Spells to take into battle. These spells require no mana to cast and has a longer cooldown than Champion skills.

– Before battle, you can allot Mastery Points to your Mastery tree. There are three Mastery Trees – Offense, Defense and Utility, increasing stats in the respective areas. Players usually put 21 points in one tree and 9 points in another.

– Every summoner has a runebook that can be filled with runes that boost stats. Runes can be bought with Influence Points.

Influence Points
– IP are earned by playing games. You gain more IP for winning. Use to buy runes and champions.

Riot Points – RP can be bought with real money. Used to buy Champions, Skins and IP/XP Boosts.

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