Best League of Legends Runes Guide

Click Here for League of Legends GuideIn League of Legends, before you start a game, you can put runes in your rune book that will boost different Champion statistics. The effects of the runes last throughout the game. Runes can be bought with Influence Points (earned by playing games, more by winning).

As you play more games, your Summoner levels up from 1 to 30. From Summoner Levels 1to 9, you have access to Tier 1 Runes (Lesser Runes), Levels 10-19 Tier 2 Runes (Normal Runes), and Levels 20-30 Tier 3 Runes (Greater Runes).

Your runebook starts with only one slot to put a Rune in, but as your Summoner levels up, you gain access to more slots, up 30 slots. There are 9 slots each for Marks, Glyphs, and Seals and 3 slots for Quintessences.

Marks – The best League of Legends Runes to put into Marks are offensive runes. Depending on your Champion, you want to buy the relevant offensive Mark runes. If your Champion is a spell caster you want Mark of Insight (magic penetration).

If you are playing a Physical Attack based Champion, get Mark of Strength (attack damage), Alacrity (attack speed), or Desolation (armor penetration). If your champion deals a lot of critical damages, get Mark of Furor (critical damage) or Malice (critical chance).

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Glyphs – The best League of Legends Runes to put into Glyphs are the magic based runes. If your champion requires frequent spell casting and more mana, buy Glyph of Intellect (mana), or Clarity (mana regeneration). For champions relying on Ability Power for damage, buy Glyph of Potency (ability power).

Buy Glyph of Focus (cooldown reduction) for champions that need to cast spells and abilities quicker. If you are playing a Ninja and want more energy, then getting Glyph of Acumen (energy) is a good choice. A tank champion requiring magic resistance will need to buy Glyph of Warding (magic resistance).

Seal – The best League of Legends Runes to put into Seals are the defensive runes. For tank champions, you want Seal of Resilience (armor), Fortitude (health), or Vigor (health regeneration). A champion that has a fair amount of dodge chance will want Seal of Evasion (dodge) to complement their stats.

Quintessence – Quintessence slots become available at Levels 10, 20 and 30. Since you can use only three Quintessences, these are more powerful and cost more IP.

Quintessences are useful for all champion roles, so you will want the relevant ones that complement your stats. Most people use Greater Quintessence of Fortitude, as this gives every champion a nice 78 bonus health to start the game.

Flat Runes vs. Per Level Runes – Most runes are of two types: one that grants a fixed amount of stats and the other that becomes greater with each level. The fixed amount or the flat runes will give you a nice boost at the start of the game, and is therefore useful for champions lacking in early game.

Champions that shine late game will want the per level runes as they add up to a greater increase in stats at Level 18 than the Flat ones.

Runes can often determine who will win early Champion Battles, so make sure you buy the relevant ones that increase your Champions overall efficiency. When you have enough IP, you will want to fill your Rune Book with only Tier 3 Runes (Greater Runes).

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