League of Legends Annie Guide

Click Here for League of Legends GuideAnnie, The Dark Child: One of the best nukers in League of Legends, Annie has a lot of burst damage and champion killing ability. Although she’s a bit squishy, this League of Legends Annie guide will show you how you can use her prowess to turn the tides of battle.


Pyromania (Passive): A useful Crowd Control (CC) passive that stuns targets. Very useful for ganks.

Disintegrate (Q): A standard nuke with a decent Ability Power(AP) scaling, this skill is useful for last hitting, since the mana cost is refunded if this lands a killing attack.

Incinerate (W): An amazing Area of Effect (AOE) attack with a decent AP scaling, this skill will easily turn the tides of battle if used properly. Try to use this when the enemy champions are clustered up to deal maximum damage.

Molten Shield (E): Annie is squishy, but this helps her survive in battle and even return some damage. Use it when outnumbered or being chased. Using this during ganks will also finish them off quicker from the return damage.

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Summon: Tibbers (R): Yet another damaging AOE nuke, this one farther summons a Sunfire-cape wielding bear to finish off enemies. Excellent when ganking or simply running away.


1. Q
2. W
3. Q
4. E
5. Q
6. R
7. Q
8. W
9. Q
10. W
11. R
12. W
13. W
14. E
15. E
16. R
17. E
18. E


Q is your main harassing and farming spell, so max that out first. Second, max out W. 1 point in E is sufficient early on. You are an aggressive caster, so there’s no point trying to increase your survivability with E when you can have more damaging spells.

Her passive can be hard to master, but if used correctly can be used to kill enemy champions quickly. When you know your next attack will stun, nuke them with Tibbers, then your W and then Q.

If you’ve killed a target with Q, your mana will be refunded and you will be able to cast again. Q has a very low cooldown, so use it often. You usually don’t want to be in the front lines, because enemies will target you first.

Remember to farm early game and harass enemy champions to deny them XP, as any League of Legends Annie guide will tell you.


Flash: Useful for closing down on enemies or fleeing.

Ignite: Yet another nuke to help Annie finish off her opponents.


Use the 9/0/21 tree.


Magic Penetration Marks, Mana Regen/Level Seals, Cooldown Reduction Glyphs, Health Quintessences.


Start with Boots and 3Health Potion pots. First trip try to finish a Haunting Guise and preferably Sorcerer’s Shoes. This will give Annie a lot of magic penetration to burn down her enemies faster. Next, build a Catalyst, and upgrade it to a Rod of Ages asap.

Next, you want Rylai’s Scepter to slow your enemies with each spell you cast. If the game drags on, get a Rabadon’s Deathcap to drastically boost your AP and thus magic damage. Prioritize on AP item components when short of gold.

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