League of Legends Ashe Guide

Click Here for League of Legends GuideAshe, The Frost Archer: A ranged Damage Per Second (DPS) champion, Ashe can dish out great amounts of damage from afar, has an endless range Stun Ultimate, and is one of the easier farmers in League of Legends.


Focus (Passive):This is a very good skill to gank enemies with. Every time you are out of battle, your critical chance will increase.

Frost Shot (Q): This is useful for chasing down enemies. Only toggle it when engaging enemy champions. Don’t waste mana on creeps.

Volley (W):Extremely useful for farming minions. If Frost Shot is active, the Volley arrows slow enemies too, making this an insanely useful skill in team fights to slow down several enemy champions. Spam it in team fights to damage most enemies.

Hawkshot (E): A nice skill to check bushes and neutral monster areas from afar. The extra gold is very handy too.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R):A very useful but hard to master skill. Use it to initiate fights, take down enemies from halfway across the map, stop enemies from escaping or simply use it to escape ganks. Try to take down enemy carries first with your ultimate.

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1. W
2. Q
3. W
4. E
5. W
6. R
7. W
8. Q
9. W
10. Q
11. R
12. Q
13. Q
14. E
15. E
16. R
17. E
18. E


Volley will help you farm several minions at the same time or harass multiple enemy champions; max it out first for increased damage and threat.As mentioned above, use Frost Shot to harass and slow enemy champions; very useful in ganks.

Use your Hawkshot to scout brushes if enemy champions are missing from the mini map; this will allow you to prevent ganks. Use your ultimate in team fights to pick off the enemy carry.

Your ultimate can dish out a lot of damage and stun them at the same time, making it an extremely useful spell. But the ultimate is based on skill shot, so make sure you fire at the right direction; it’s easier to hit enemies if they are in the same line escaping from you. In team fights, synchronize frost shot and volley for maximum efficiency.


Ghost: Useful for chasing enemy champions and escaping.

Flash: Similar to Ghost.


Use the 21/0/9 tree.


Armor Penetration Marks, Health/Level Seals, Mana Regen/Level Glyphs, and Health Quintessences.


In this League of Legends Ashe guide, I recommend you start with Doran’s Blade and a Health Potion. First trip back, buy Boots of Speed and a B.F. Sword/Pickaxe.

Upgrade to an Infinity Edge as soon as possible. Then get a Mercury’s Treads if enemies have a lot of magic damage (otherwise get Boots of Swiftness). Build a Last Whisper for more damage and armor penetration. Finally, get a Youmuu’s Ghostblade if you are doing very well or a Banshee’s Veil if enemies have good crowd control spells.

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