League of Legends Sivir Guide

Click Here for League of Legends GuideSivir, The Battle Mistress: One of the best pushers in League of Legends, Sivir should not be built to merely kill enemies. In this League of Legends Sivir guide, we will maximize Sivir’s potential to take down towers and win the game.


Fleet of Foot (Passive): While not the best passive, it might save your lives a few times. The idea is to keep moving.

Boomerang Blade (Q): This ability is best used when multiple champions are lined up. Scales with attack damage.

Ricochet (W): Sivir’s best skill when it comes to farming, pushing or damaging multiple champions in team fights.Mid game to late game, this will be your primary skill to take down minion waves and push those lanes.

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Spell Shield (E): How well you use your Spell Shield will define how good of a Sivir player you are. Always, always be prepared to hit spell shield when an enemy champion moves towards you. This will save your life countless times throughout the game.

On The Hunt (R): Pop this first thing during team fights to give every ally and yourself that extra move speed and AS. This works on your minions too, so use it to take down towers.


  1. Q
  2. W
  3. E
  4. Q
  5. Q
  6. R
  7. Q
  8. E
  9. Q
  10. E
  11. R
  12. E
  13. E
  14. W
  15. W
  16. R
  17. W
  18. W


Sivir is great at harassing enemy champions and denying enemy champions gold and XP. Use Boomerang Blade before creeps engage to maximize damage, since creeps move in a straight line before engaging. Use Richochet to harass enemy champions and farm.

As mentioned before, always be prepared to hit Spell Shield. However, during team fights, prioritize on using Spell Shield to block Stuns and Slows. Again, Sivir is meant to take down towers. Keep an eye on the minimap and teleport to creepwaves where there are no enemy champions.

This works especially well mid game to late game when opposing teams vie for one lane control, ignoring other lanes. When teleporting, try to observe if there could be any enemy champions nearby. Hit your ult whenever your creepwaves are near the tower or during team fights.


Teleport: Teleport to lanes quickly where there are no enemy champions and take down those towers.

Flash: Usually when you are taking down towers, enemies will move in towards you. Use it to escape.

: Use the 0/9/21 tree.

Armor PenetrationMarks, Attack Damage/levelSeals, Mana Regen/levelGlyphs, HealthQuintessences.


Start with a Meki Pendant and an HP Pot. Next upgrade Boots to Berserker’s Greaves and finish Tear of the Goddess. Upgrade to Manamune asap to maximize your mana.

Work towards a Banshee’s Veil, buying a Catalyst first. Build towards a Last Whisper next, followed by Stark’s Fervor. If game keeps dragging on, get an Aegis of the Legion if nobody else is buying it.

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