League of Legends Tips

Click Here for League of Legends GuideIf you want to be a good League of Legends player, there are some things that are pretty much thumb rules or almost considered to be unwritten laws in the game. Below, you will find a list of these League of Legends tips that you can use to improve your game:

: Sometimes, you’ll find yourself trapped in your base being stared down by a bunch of menacing looking champions. Get your carry to backdoor their turret or even their inhibitor. This will set at least one or two of them running for defense giving you a chance to break out of your stale mate.

You’ll be getting Dragon more often than the Baron, but that’s just as good, with global gold and double the XP than what you’d get from a champion kill.

The Baron is harder to kill and there is a chance the enemy has a ward set up to gank you just when you’re at your most vulnerable, even as a team. So, be careful.

Blue/Red Bluff
: Blue buff for mana and countdown improvements and red buff for damage improvements. Try to get them as soon as you can. Every little bit helps.

This doesn’t even need to be said. Don’t die. Getting more kills will mean nothing if you’re dying just as much. Play defensively if you’re unsure about who you’re up against. Don’t underestimate the champion you’re laning against.

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Though s/he may seem squishy and easy to handle, they might have abilities that can take you out in an instant. Don’t take risks by being greedy and tower diving. Work with your lane partner to figure out a way to properly gank them. Usually, you can tell each other’s play style from the first few minutes of gameplay.

Last hits will get you gold. Try to get the last hit as much as possible. Even in mid-game farming is still important as it is still your source of gold (it’s unlikely, you’ll be killing champions left and right). Farm well and that next item on your wishlist would be yours.

Know your place
: If you’re a tank, play as a tank. If you’re a damage dealer, play like that. There have been many games where thanks to bad gameplay by the team tank, it ended pretty poorly.

If you’re a damage dealing champion, don’t go for items that boost your armor or your health. You’re supposed to be a squishy, so play slyly and let your tankier team mates take the brunt of the force. Come in with heavy nuking damage and watch as the kills stack up for your teams.

Summoner spells:
Summoner spells take such a long time to recharge. Make sure you time your spells right. Flash only when you know that you’re going to get that kill for certain.

And specially use it to flash through a wall when escaping a champion chasing you. Teleport to a turret when there’s there an attack on it. But not when it’s down to almost zero health and you’d not be able to do anything.

That champion just behind that turret is low on health and it’ll probably take one hit to off him. But can you? And should you? Check your health, if you REALLY think that yes you can pop in and get a shot in, then do so by all means.

But remember that turrets pack a lot of punch and specially early game, by the time you’re out of its range it’ll have executed you. Don’t tower dive. That one kill is not worth your death.

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